StatShop for Win 9x/2000/XP/Vista/Win 7



 Step 1  - Interface


Click here to Download Statshop

After downloading, run SShopSetup.exe (by double clicking the file).


The step 1 will install the main part of software i.e. Interface.


The set up is not yet complete. Go to Step 2.

Step 2  - Topics

After installing the Interface, start downloading the topics given below. There are 25 topics divided into 7 sections as follows.


I Why statistics

1 "Objectives"
2 "Introduction"


II Nuances of Data

3 "Distribution"
4 "Outliers"
5 "Screening"
6 "Data Types"
7 "Summary"
8 "Transform"

III Statistics for Planning

9 "Sampling"
10 "Random"
11 "Choose"
12 "Sample Size"




IV Some Concepts

13 "Inferential"
14 "Degrees of Freedom"
15 "Confidence Interval"

V Inferential Statistics

16 "t test"
17 "Wilcoxan"
18 "Correlation"
19 "ANOVA"
20 "Chi Square"
21 "Diagnostic Methods"
22 "Risk & Odds Ratio"

VI Interpretation

23 "Significance"
24 "Limitations"


25 "FAQ"



Click on the topics to download. Please note not all topics are available but only the first 8 at present. The remaining topics will be uploaded as and when they are ready. Non-availability of does not affect the functioning of the interface.  Download them one by one on to your hard disk and keep them as such. Do not try to click/run any of the topic files. Remember the folder/place where the files are saved.


Go to Step 3

Step  3 - Installing the topics.

Now run the interface - all you have to do is to click the StatShop icon on the desktop or from the All Programs menu. Flash screen will appear and clicking it will open a dialog box informing you which topics are missing. There will be an Install button. Click it and search the topics you have saved. Click one by one to install the topics. When the installation is over click 'Done' to continue.


Expected problems


1. Windows 7 and Vista may give some problems since the software is written in VB6. Those who are using these OSs, please note down the problems you face and report back. I checked running the software under both the OSs and by and large, it is fine.


2. When the PPT files are run, you should be able to hear the commentary. Adjust the volume of your speaker or headphones. The user needs a good quality screen and speakers to judge the quality of the visuals and voice.

Please contribute

If you have produced a freeware software or teaching material (MS Word document, PPT slides etc.) related to pharmacology and want us to distribute it through these pages, please contact us at ravee@jipmer.edu.in. Your contributions are most welcome.